Software program configuration
Software Configuration Utopia
ZaphodsMap can be implemented on any platform.

ZaphodsMap idea: It is invisible. You will need to keep reading to understand...

ZaphodsMap makes it easy to...

Centralize program configuration
Backup program configuration
Separate high-security configuration details from lower-security details
Manage settings for multiple machines and/or users within a single file

ZaphodsMap works anywhere...

Windows 32-bit, 64-bit
...because it is an approach, an idea, not a particular implementation...

Since 2005!

It's December 27th, 2012. We have just moved the source files for ZaphodsMap into SourceForge.

How it works

We'll explain to you the foundation of ZaphodsMap on this web site. Essentially, it is a hierarchical system for organizing and storing all configuration details for software packages. The uses are endless.

Benefits you'll feel

Before ZaphodsMap, every software package invented its own way to initialize itself. Certainly you will recognize these ideas: INI files in the folder with the compiled binary ("EXE"); Information in the Windows Registry; INI files in the user's folder; INI files in the operating system folder; XML files in the folder with the compiled binary program. (etc.) With ZaphodsMap, one solution handles it all.

How much does ZaphodsMap cost?

Nothing. It's an idea, we hope you like it and use it. The source code on the download page is offered at no charge.

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